Monday, September 30, 2013

#2 Another Successful IEMPG Shoot!

Well, I got back from my Ghostly Apparitions shoot in a cemetery with 5 models and a live wolf, in time to watch the last episode of Breaking Bad. Loved that series.

Here is a shot from today:
This is model and master cosplayer Jessie Cook! We had 7 photographers there, not including me, Jay Boivin and his wife Heather who co-hosted the event with me. It's the Inland Empire Models & Photographers Group (IEMPG). We had a blast shooting girls in gothic attire....gas masks, black wings and I paint model Olivia's face green for a witch look she was going for!

I'll be posting these up on the IEMPG site and also on my Facebook area. Tomorrow I plan to work on many more. I'm pretty sure my favorite theme that we shoot is this dark, horror look....I like the challange of taking these shots before dark but making them look like dead of night!

I shot today with my Silver Beauty dish with cover over it to diffuse it even more, and a small flash on the side for some high light or rim light effect. I should of done more lighting of the background elements but didn't think of this at the time....sometimes if the model is in dark clothes just lighting the wall behind them will bring them out more than trying to light them more from the side or back. Anyway, I'll be adding a few more here as I go along. 

Here is one of model Kat Sheridan and Willow the Wolf!
Ted the owner and trainer of Willow said that Willow has been in many movies and TV shows so he's a bit of a star. I also got a few shots of Kat/Willow/Ted all together that I'll post tomorrow. 

These were shot with a Nikon D4, and mostly today I was using my 70-200 lens to try and blur out the backgrounds more. I had plenty of room to back up so this worked pretty well. The first half of the shoot I was using my 24-70 2.8. It does a great job as well especially when I'm up close and trying to get the full body in head to toe. I got out the 70-200 to do some portrait like shots and just keep shooting with it the rest of the shoot.

Well, it's late and I'll have more to say tomorrow....

Have fun and keep shooting!

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