Monday, September 30, 2013

#3 Post Production Day

Recovering today from the Graveyard shoot. I was on my feet for about 6 hours straight and that takes me a while to recover from. I have to be ready by Wednesday as I'm shooting Meagan Williams wedding in the late afternoon. This should be fun as she is a great model and use to being in front of a camera and will know just what she wants! I've shot her and her fiance Tim together before as I took some engagement photos for them in a park a few weeks ago. Tim is a great guy and so this will be one of the easier weddings to shoot, I'm guessing. I've not shot very many weddings but the ones I have shot got some great images and everyone was excited about them. I don't advertise that I'm a wedding photographer but I get enough of them to do just from referrals from models I've shot. In fact I have another one on a beach this coming Sunday. Shooting weddings is very stressful, mainly because they want you in so many directions at once. The smaller weddings are much easier since you can just stay in one place and catch everything. The more relaxed everyone is the better. And if they trust me to do my job I can just breeze through it in most cases. I know what shots need to be grabbed, and I know the shots I'd like to do for the couple. Finding the time to just get some great shots of the wedding couple is the problem. It's come to my attention that some wedding photographers take the bride out in full dress days before the wedding and get some of the most fantastic shots that are later used in the photo book of the entire wedding. I'm going to suggest that to brides I shoot in the future.

Here are a few more of the shots I took yesterday at the graveyard:



When shooting the tombstones the cemetery wants to make sure we change the names on them. I usually put a celebrity name or my own name or someone from the shoot. This was my 3rd time shooting at this location. We were able to shoot in the mausoleum the first time I was there, the second time it was locked. This time they said we could shoot in there but once I went in they said I could only shoot in the doorway area. Once I went to do that and they made me stop. Then they locked the front gate making it hard for us to get our stuff out as we then had to carry everything way out the back gate. Not sure why they were being such a pain this time. They also had a guy just sitting and watching us the whole shoot and they'd never done this before either. They didn't stop us from doing anything else though.

We had 7 photographers and 5 models at this event. Not counting me, and co-host Jay and his wife Heather. Also Tim, a professional animal trainer brought his wolf : Willow Wolf to the shoot. I posted one with the wolf in the post before this one. The wolf was very nice and calm, and a couple of times it moved over to the models face and scared me but it only wanted to lick them!

I'll be posting even more shots today as I'm mostly just working on photos as I'm too sore to walk around much. I'm planning to be very busy this coming week and weekend.....Wednesday is the Meagan wedding I mentioned above, then Thursday is a shoot at the ARTWALK that they have the first Thursday of each month in Riverside, CA. It'll be a free shoot for my UUUP meet up group. We use this one as a sort of meet and greet, where members can meet me and Jay the organizers of the group, and we hand out biz cards....some models do join in usually and we shoot them all around this 100 year old building that was once a YMCA. Now it's called the Life Arts Building and houses lots of artist studios. On this ARTWALK day they open their doors and we can see what they are working on! This event covers other streets with art for sale. Then on Friday I collapse.....then Saturday I'm attending a wedding (not shooting this one) with my wife Bonnie as it's a co-worker that is getting married on a cruise ship. It was a package deal so everything was included. I have to dress up in a suit coat otherwise this should be fun. Sunday I'm shooting another wedding this time near a beach so that will be interesting. I've only met the bride to be once, and she seemed very nice, and her mother also easy to work with so far. It should go smoothly.

Photo Tip: When shooting models back up.....if you get too much of the background into the shot just crop it in closer later. If you are in too close you can't back up later in post production. You can add some background elements later but it's way harder than simply backing up at the shoot. Plus if you have the camera tilted too much during the shot and want to straighten it back up in post you have a much easier time of doing this if there is extra background to use. Also when shooting with 50mm to 2.8mm out for wide angle distortion. If you are shooting wide angle and too close to a models face for instance the rest of her body will be out of proportion to her head. When I have to shoot less than 50mm I always lower my camera to about their waist as to keep the proportions more even from head to foot of the model. If I do take liberties it's that I'll go way lower and shoot up as this will have them a bit out of proportion but I like the fact it makes them look way taller. So it's a trade off.

Feel free to comment and if you have a photo you'd like for me to post and comment on email it to I can help you make better photos!

Go out and shoot! Every time you do you get a bit better at it! Don't forget to search for anything on the internet you need/want to's all there! And YouTube is a great source of help as well!
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