Sunday, June 11, 2017

#24 I'm a Director of an Indy Movie! Resilient Hearts!

I'm the Director/Producer/Web Guru for the movie Resilient Hearts!

My wife Bonnie Freeman who is a Nurse Practitioner wrote a book about her experiences while working with a Palliative Care Team. It's funny, sad, awesome! Everyone who has read the book loves it. Getting people to read isn't always easy. So she decided to write a screenplay! After some interest then silence from some colleges and hospitals, we have decided to move ahead full blast! And again we are getting some hospitals that want to help us make this movie! Anyway, we are making it now for sure.

To see how far we have come (we are shooting in August!) go to:
Resilient Hearts Project and once there click the BLOGGER lcon at the top, for even more from Bonnie about the movie!

Yes, I'll add some behind the scenes images and videos!