Saturday, November 2, 2013

#9 More Shoots and Somewhat Illegal Activity

Just got back from a trip to San Diego. I was there for 4 days counting getting there wednesday, October 30-31 and November 1st, returning on Saturday Nov 2nd. On Thursday October 31st model Felina Vie picked me up from my hotel and took me to a top secret abandoned building where we snuck past firemen and the police who just happened to be doing some sort of testing scenario right nearby! We snuck through a gate that others had bent back before, and we walked into the nearest of about 10 of these buildings that seemed to be some sort of army barracks. There were bathrooms with 10 toilet stalls, and 15 sinks. 6 urinals, etc…large showers. Someone with anger issues had smashed all of the sinks and some of the toilettes but left the urinals. Graffiti was painted on most of the walls of this first building. We went up some stars littered with broken ceramic from where someone tossed some toilettes  down the stairwells onto the stairs….not much furniture at all, just broken things and pipes sticking up….perfect place for a haunted house! One room was all painted blue and had some crazy circle design painted on the wall in light yellow….crazy cool. There was a small guitar case full of tiny rocks? And one room had some kids letters on the floor as it if was the kids play room at some point…a homeless family?

Felina changed into a sexy outfit with black corset and red top and black high heels….she posed near the broken sinks, urinals and other broken areas. There was some amazing graffiti on the walls and she posed near that also. One spot had LP records hanging from wires so she posed near those…..

We started hearing a large truck and other machinery as it sounded like they were demolishing areas around us and putting debris in a truck to be hauled off. We decided to see one of the other buildings and this really freaked me out as we were walking now out in the open where the firemen could have seen us about 500 feet or so down the road. We got to the other building….both of us caring lighting equipment and other bags of clothes etc….(I only took one backpack with one camera in it, and two small light stands with small flashes on them so I could move quickly…I also used a small strobe that I set on the floor.)

I was so scarred that someone would see us walking around outside….we got to the other building and it was like the first building but had nothing interesting painted on the walls… we walked back across. We found some cool large pipes laying in the grass outside and Felina posed inside of these tubes. And we found some other interesting things to shoot near. We could have shot there for days but as we were getting more and more nervous about getting cought we moved back to where we started out. At one point Felina stopped and said she heard someone. We froze…and waited…..I didn't hear anything but we were freaked out. We were there for about one hour or so but it seemed like a day! We were just walking to the fence and Felina said, "We made it!". I said, "Don't say that till we get back to the car!" But turned out nothing happened to us and we did make it back to the car.

That night Dean LeCrone picked me up and we went to Ocean Beach and ate at Hodad's. Everyone around us was dressed in costume for Halloween!

The next day Felina met me at the hotel and we did some underwater shooting in the hotel pool. It was advertised to be heated but it wasn't. We still used it and it was tolerable…..looking today to see if we got any good shots from all that.

I'll post up a few behind the scenes here soon.