Sunday, September 29, 2013

#1 First Posting of the Master Photography Blog

First Posting for this New Blog!

Let's see how long I can keep this up! Anyone placing bets?

I'm Allen Freeman and I'm not a master photographer. The tile of this blog is basically, or should be: How to Master Photography.....but, well, maybe someday this blog will be so darn awesome that it will be the MASTER PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG...or long as you learn one thing from all this then it was worth it for me to keep posting here.

Frist about me. I'm Allen and I've been interested in photography since my dad handed me his 8mm camcorder (Kodak) when I was about 8 years old and said, "Here, film me and your mom and then pan it across this waterway...." I'm What....hold this and what.....

I also saw my dad taking photos and having cameras as a hobby that he enjoyed since he was in high school. Here is one of his photos he took in the 50's of his sister. I love this shot and I scanned it in and cleaned it up from a small original print.

I also like the fact that from this shot we know it was taken around September 6th, 1954!

My dad was mostly shooting slide film and all his slides look as good now as they did when he took them. Which is cool. He never lost a shot to a hard drive crashing....just saying....

I mostly started out in my teens shooting movies with that 8mm camera that my dad had (He bought it around my birthday in 1956 with the projector and the blinding lights that were needed to shoot with indoors.) Mostly shooting my friends fake fighting, or a mini crime drama, etc...a bike chase....this eventually turned into more serious movie making with a friend in HS but after shooting a lot of expensive footage he realized that editing all this was too hard. He had film hanging down from his basement ceiling, I saw on the day he gave up. 

OK, too much detail. I'll flash forward to when I went to college and I was using my dad's camera that his brother gave him when my Uncle Joe came back from WWII where he mostly typed in an office and took photos with this Kodak Retina he bought over there. (I have this camera now in my photo studio). My first photo class was pretty awesome as it was not a teacher for the class but an experienced LIFE photographer who ran the class. I can't remember his name but he did a huge spread for LIFE in a prison. He told us how he was deep into the heart of this place when he looked up and realized the guards had wondered off and he was surrounded by the inmates. He slowly lowered his camera and walked out. He was fine, but scared. 

I'll be posting a lot more (too much?) about me and my early days of photography with some examples of my early work and tell you why it was so bad. I'll try and critique my work and yours if you send me anything and are brave enough for me to look it over and post here about it. You can email me a photo (web size is fine, 100 dpi) at:

In the mean time visit my web site at

More here tonight as I'm about to go to a photo shoot with my IEMPG group, more about all that later. Here is an ad I posted about this shoot I'm doing in a Graveyard today.....
Email me questions you have about me or photography or about your photos...I'm here to help out. Oh, and before I go for today......I have 30+ years of graphic art experience (will post some of that along the way) and extensive photography experience mostly with shooting models in the last 3 years. I have a full time photo studio in Ontario, CA.

----Allen (9-29-13)

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