Wednesday, June 1, 2016

16--Got the Sony A7RM2 and a Sony 24-240 lens......

I got a new camera! Yes, I seem to get a new one every two years. This time it's been a bit longer than that....2.5 years since I got the Nikon Df. The new camera is the Sony A7RM2. I also got a Sony 24-240 3.5-6.3 lens. Why that camera, why that lens after 10.5 years of shooting Nikon? Well, I'd been watching YouTube videos of reviews and in the field testing with the camera for about 9months. I'd pretty much made up my mind about 6 months ago but couldn't justify it since I'm perfectly happy with the shots I'm getting with my D4 and Df with all the awesome lenses I have for them. But there are so many new and improved features with this camera it's mind boggling. Here are a few.....

In camera 5 axis stabilization. 42 megapixels (my cameras are 16mp). Small camera. Lighter. Face detection focus and even more important....eye detection focus! And it has the possibility of taking my Nikon lenses.

There are lots of other features as well as Focus Peaking, and a zooming in feature with autofocus lenses when manual focusing.

The list goes on and on......oh, and 4K movies! Yes.....that's double the 1080i HD of most cameras.

Ok, but why the 24-240 3.5-6.3 lens? Well, I have Nikon lenses already that can handle just about anything but one lens I used to have that I'd sold years back was the 28-300. This was the perfect lens for travel as it turned out. So by getting that Sony lens I have one lens right away to do most everything I need. Ok, not the best for low light shots but.....I also got a cheap ($16) Fotasey NG-A7II lens adapter. I can attach any of my Nikon lenses to the Sony camera now. I can only use them in manual focus but a lot of my lenses are manual focus. And once I get this all up and running which I may of already done in just one day (first day I got the camera I figured out how to use it with my studio lights was a little tricky) I'm going to get the Commlite adapter. This is a $399 adapter for all my Nikon lenses even the autofocus feature will work on the AF lenses! Can't wait to check that out. 

Going through all my camera stuff and trying out lenses now on the Sony last night I used a 50mm 1.8 AF lens on it. My adapter worked but of course it's manual focus but the camera was ready for me. It has Focus Peaking! This is where an area that is in focus has a color (you pick white/red/yellow etc..) area online showing you where your focus is! This really made it fun! Here are shots from last night (first day of using the camera) of my wife Bonnie making some cookies....

 Nikon 50 1.8 AF lens with adaptor. Shot at 1.8, ISO: 400, 1/60th.

And today as I was getting my older lenses out to try them on the Sony I decided to make a shot of all my current and old Nikon equipment. (This shot is missing a 50 1.4 ancient Nikkor lens and a Nikkormat film camera with another 50mm 1.4 lens). But you get the idea.
Stay tuned as I'll be posting shots taken with some of these lenses on the Sony camera, and the 24-240 Sony lens (which took this group shot) in upcoming posts. Will I keep my Nikon cameras (probably), will I get more native Sony lenses? Time will tell.

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