Thursday, June 2, 2016

18 -Big Bokeh Lens Test - Sony A7RII with Many Lenses.......

I was watching on YouTube some lens comparisons and how they handle the blurry out of focus areas in your backgrounds. Mostly when shooting portraits this is a good thing to strive for. Makes the person really stand out in the shot. So, everyone says get a 85mm 1.4 or 1.8 lens for best results. I have one, a manual focus Mitakon 85mm 2.0 (maximum aperture setting possible). Otherwise I have other lenses that do cover the 85mm zone, and some have even more telephoto range like 200mm, and 300, etc....

Anyway here are some lenses I tested the bokeh out by placing a head figure with some area behind it to see how the lenses handle the background. They all seem to have a different look. The really long telephoto, such as 105, 135, 200, and 300 really blur out the background the most. You have to also step back about 5-10feet from the subject to get them in focus. So these are best used outdoors or in larger area studios.

Note: All but one (Sony FE 24-240.) of the lenses are either AF or MF, where shot in Manual Focus mode since my adapter is limited. Some of the old lenses the aperture setting was too tight to move it. My 70-200mm AF VR Nikkor lens is not shown here because it was the only lens that would go on the adapter, but would not turn to snap on completely. If a lens didn't have aperture settings since they have it all handled in camera were still usable since the adapter has a silver ring to move and give some sort of aperture adjustment, though with no settings on it. In that case I had it turned for maximum lightness....assuming it was opening the aperture to it's max.

I set my notepad next to the steampunk statue so I could keep track of which shot went with which lens.---Also, no Photoshop on the images other than adding the text. Didn't even crop them.

Check out these test shots all on the Sony A7RM2 with a Fotasy N/G-A7II, Nikon F mount to Sony E mount, manual focus only. (On eBay for $16).

Let me know which lens and setting, you think gives the best Bokeh look! (Click on a shot to see it full size!)

By the way, from what I've seen on YouTube tests show the best 85mm lenses for the Sony full frame cameras are the Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 and the Sony G Master 85mm 1.4.  (Consensus shows the Sony G Master inching out the Zeiss just barely in the nicer rounded, creamy bokeh areas).

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