Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#23 The ICE and WATER Shoot.......
My workshop/shooters group SIDESHOW PHOTOWERKS (Which is apart of the meetup group North County Photographers & Models meetup group) had a fantastic shoot at Wonderland Studios March 18th, 2017!
From my website and Facebook area: 
Please note the following information with respects to the Hair & Makeup done at the ICE and WATER shoot: Sarah Rodriguez had Mallory and Simone for MU//
Moe Artistik had Tricia and Stacey for MU/Steffeney Bonilla Harris had Tori and Lauren for MU//Vanessa Borquez had Bryana and Symantha for MU//Corinne Renee did all dry ice models Hair! 
-----to join: Lots of classy fun with water in a pool with color gels, and a completely retro fitted dry ice shoot area! Add some fantastic hair stylists, MUA's and models I've mostly not shot before.....and presto! Art! Huge thanks to the photographers that filled up all the spots for this shoot! Special thanks to Kathleen Shumate and Caitlin Litzinger for making it happen! (I helped and created the advertising images....) Shot at Wonderland Studios March 18th, 2017. MODELS: Bryana Taylor, Simone del Mar, Sara Link, Mallory Gutierrez, Lauren Ross, Whendii Farago, Stacey Minette, Catrina Robblee, Tricia Wang, Symantha, and Tori Martinez!

Here are a few of my shots from that wild creative shoot: 

Mumbles the cat at Wonderland!

The setup for the water area!

One of the great hair designs for the ICE setup!

Co-Organizer Kathleen Shumate who runs the NCPMG!

Dry ice!

A little bit of the glow filter effect from Topaz Labs.

A little bit of the glow filter effect from Topaz Labs.

A little bit of the glow filter effect from Topaz Labs.

Here is a little treat.....a before and after of my post work on this shot. There was dry ice around her but I liked this shot before the effect was worked on it in Photoshop: 
To sign up for our next shoot go to my group at: SIDESHOW Photowerks if you are in the SoCal area! This shoot will be in Riverside, CA.
See you next time and leave a comment if you dare!

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