Monday, January 16, 2017

#21 New Shoots and a Move in Progress......

After I move, Jan 29th to a condo in Rancho Cucamonga (only 4 miles from where I am now in Ontario, CA) I'm thinking of starting my own YouTube show.....reviewing lenses, cameras, etc....

I've been thinking of doing this for a year or so...but I can set up everything the way I want at last. I'll have more room to work everything out. I'll stick to reviewing electronics that I've actually used so I can give everyone a first hand look at the equipment. Since I just switched to Sony (Mid 2016), I'll be able to go over some of Sony's cameras and lenses. I am still shooting with the Nikon  P900 superzoom for fun, but getting some amazing results!

I'll go over how to set up a photo shoot and what to expect and how to set up lights, camera settings, and the lighting gear I use.

Here is my current camera set up:

This is the Sony A7R2 with the 24-240 3.5-6.3 Sony OSS Lens.
I now go to model shoots with 2 A7R2's one with a Sony Zeiss 35mm 2.8, and the other with a Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8. That way I can shoot wide and get some background in the shots or go more normal tele with the 55. The 55 has some awesome bokeh at the wide open settings. I think it's as good as the much more expensive 85mm lenses. Plus you can use the lens for a bit more if you can back up.
These were shot with the 55 1.8 recently in my studio: 

And here are a few with the 35mm: 

Also recently this year 2017, shot up in the mountains about one hour north of Ontario, CA. Near Lake Arrowhead and Bluejay......a snow queen and viking shoot! Using my 2 camera set up outside for the first time.....

Sony RX100IV

Shot out of the car window with the Nikon P900 superzoom.

Shot out of the car window with the Nikon P900 superzoom.

Just the large beauty-dish.

Natural light.

Just the small speedlight with beauty-dish.

Using natural light.

Natural light.

You can see in this shot of the girl with axe where I used both the large beauty dish  as a front light and the speedlight off to camera right.

Large beauty dish. Fox added in Photoshop.

I had two lights. One was a large stand Paul C Buff Alien Bee Strobe with a beauty dish with a sock over the front to diffuse it. The other was a small stand with a speedlight and a foldable mini beauty dish. Sometimes I just used one or the other, sometimes if I had room, I used both. The small speedlight I used as a backlight or side light. 

More about my move, and the new location in Rancho Cucamonga, CA soon!

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