Saturday, December 28, 2013

#11 More Lens Tests + Learning From YouTube.

Here are a few shots I took as a test of an old Nikon 35mm-105mm 3.5-4.5 lens that I got from eBay.

I added a bit of sharpening and some HDR effect (just a little) to the last shot.
I really like this lens as it is so small and light. Seems to be very sharp at all settings. The last shot of the apartments with palm trees you'll notice the foreground is sharpest. I would of had to have a smaller aperture setting (f8, f11 or f16) to of gotten the whole view in focus better. The mountain shot I was zoomed to 105mm and had the focus to infinity. The top shot is where I set the lens to it's Micro setting and I added a TC-200 2X Nikon teleconverter. This lens works great but you have to back up as close focusing up close is about 2 feet away. With the 2X converter you are still about that far back but now you can fill in the frame of the object you want. Without the converter that lens was just a part of the scene and not filling up the frame. I'm going to do more experiments outdoors with the Micro setting, with the 2X converter and see what I can get.

While working on photos I have my iPad nearby and I've been watching (mostly listening to) a series on photography called FILM. There are three photographers (one girl is mostly a stylist/MUA) and they really seem to know their stuff. The girl with the dark hair is very good at working with couples and the guy is very good at one-on-one shooting with a model. They all have their strengths and work well together. I've seen 8 episodes and can't wait to see all of the rest. Sure, they shoot film and I stopped shooting film back around 1998 or so, but I love learning how they work!

Let me know what you think about that series.

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