Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#5 Weddings!

Well I shot Tim and Meagan Dameron's wedding on October the 2nd, and it was a lot of fun! They were so easy to work with (as I knew they would be) since I'd shot Meagan many times before with my meet up groups and shot their engagement photos a month or so before.

Jay Boivin even came by for an hour or so and helped me out, mostly shooting the visiting family and friends. I also shot some video along the way and edited it and posted it on YouTube:

I also attended a wedding October 5th, on a boat cruise and did take a few photos which I've not had time to process yet. Newport Beach area. They had a photographer as part of a group package deal. I watched as he did a good job of covering everything but shot the whole time with a flash on the camera though he was bouncing the light off a low white ceiling. I always like to take my large beauty dish and strobe and get some better than average shots with it, at least when all the excitement dies down and you can actually concentrate.

Then on October 6th I shot another wedding Jason and Krista in Dana Point, CA. It was a beautiful location and everything went off without a any problems. I was in three locations as I started out shooting in their hotel rooms and then at the wedding itself and then on the beach at sunset.

What is in my camera bag, what do I take to a wedding shoot? I take my D4 and my D700, extra batteries (charged) for both. Lots of memory cards which I check beforehand, formatted and ready to go. Two or three small flashes and extra AA batteries. Glass cleaning cloth, and my trusty Hoodman Loupe for seeing the shots on the back of the camera in all sorts of lighting conditions. I also take a large light stand and a small one with adapter to screw on my receiver on the small stand. I take a few 5LB ankle weights that velcro around the legs to keep them from blowing way. I usually bring at least one Alien Bee strobe with the battery pack. I also have an extra battery for it. I bring at least 3 receivers and 3 or so triggers. If one of them is acting up I just replace it and worry about it later. I also have a beauty dish with sock to diffuse it even more and a carrying case for it. If I have to take all this at once and shoot outside I also bring my red cart that has some nice big wheels on it and pull everything with it. I have the cameras, with one lens (I use the Nikkor 24-70 2.8 and the Nikkor 70-200 2.8) in one camera bag, and the other camera bag has batteries, and the battery packs etc...cords and such. I always put everything in the same place in the bags so I know where to look for things. I have an extra lens case cover that I carry when needed for the 70-200 and swap them out from time to time.

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